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Ever feel like your earbuds are constantly slipping out of your ears? These Silicone Case are designed to stay in place, thanks to the silicone material that forms a tight seal around your ear.


No more struggling with running out-of-power issues. Charge your device anytime, anywhere with our products.


Our earbuds may come with an advanced, surround sound technology that may help you to stay immersed in your experience.


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Our extensive range of gadgets may combine innovative technology and robust design into one and bring forth the most promising gadgets. Elevate your everyday living with our gadgets and live the most every moment. We know that you need a touch of technology now and then as you make your way through the errands. Our products help you to get things done the right way.

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Our Products

Plastic Case with Clip

Price: $8.98

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Silicone Case, Plastic Case and Charging Cable

Price: $19.59

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Charging Dock

Price: $34.63

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USBC Powerbank 10000mAh

Price: $59.98

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Bluetooth Earbuds

Price: $104.76

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Earpod Covers

Price: $1.95

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